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A selection of lemon cakesA selection of lemon cakes.
Large Lemon Bundt Cake The Large Lemon Bundt Cake - 32 ounces, 9 inches diameter, slices into 16-20 servings

The Large Lemon
Bundt Cake - $40.00
Including 2nd Day UPS Delivery (Tri-State area)

Other East Coast destinations are three day ground deliveries and are $45

To ship three day UPS West of the Mississippi River, all the way to the West Coast $60--Check with us before shipping to get the best rates!

"Essell, I just wanted you to know what a hit your lemon cake was! My little 4 year old great nephew thinks you're the best thing since sliced bread! Mom and all the guests loved the cake, and we even shared a piece of it with our server at the restaurant. It was the perfect end to a nice meal with lovely texture and delicate lemon flavor. Thank you so very much for helping to make my Mom's birthday special."
—Blessings, Caron

"The wonderful lemon cake arrived and I took it to the bridge club to share with everyone where it was the hit of the day. It is so delicious. Thank you from all of us!"
Mrs. Meg Stevens, Atlanta, Georgia

"Thank you for the holiday lemon cake. My Christmas dinner guests loved it!"
Ms. Virginia Lim, New York City

"Thank you so much for making Christmas gift-giving easy! The lemon cakes that I shipped were all a huge success & received with great gratitude."
John Wright Stevens, New York City

Our lemon cakes are made from a 1930’s recipe whose sole ingredients are butter, sugar, flour, fresh whole eggs, fresh buttermilk, pure lemon juice, powdered sugar, non-aluminum baking powder, baking soda and kosher salt. The cake’s interior is fine as velvet, with a delicate shell of a lemon, butter, sugar icing. They taste as pure, fresh, natural and American as a tall glass of iced tea on a porch swing in the middle of summer while sitting with your Grandmother who baked the lemon cakes.

To order, you can email us (see email address link in sidebar below left) with all the details. Please cut and paste the list below and fill out and email to us. We will be sure to process the order as soon as we receive it. Or you can just call and speak to one of us here--

Typically we ship on Monday to be able to overnight ship to the tri-state area, and either two or three day ground shipments for most states east of the Mississippi.

We accept PayPal, personal checks and money orders.

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The Alternative Baker (lemoncakes.com) is a traditional storefront bakery located in the town of Rosendale, in Ulster County, in the heart of the Hudson Valley in upstate New York. We specialize in lemon cakes (and lemon bundt cakes), which are widely renowned, as are all of our handmade traditional and alternative baked goods.
We also bake wedding cakes.