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Artisan Baked Goods plus Vegan, Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free, Wheat-Free, Gluten-Free & Organic Treats.
The Alternative Baker ~~ a Hudson Valley bakery ~~ Where Taste is Everything.

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Interview with an Alternative Baker

Why "The Alternative Baker"?

First off we are alternative because we do everything in the bakery from scratch. No bags, no boxes, no buckets. We start with unbleached flour, fresh milk, whole eggs--the whole shebang as if grandma were baking 100 years ago and all the so-called short-cuts were not available. I like to think of it is as "the way everything used to be".

We are also alternative because we bake daily, all day long. You can watch it bake and eat it hot, as a German baker friend described his bakery's adage.

We are alternative because we are dedicated to making our food as wholesome and least processed as possible. We use organic spelt flour, unbleached wheat flour, non-aluminum baking powder, whole local (organic if possible) fruits and vegetables in season, etc.

We are also alternative in the fact that we offer alternatives to traditional butter and sugar baked goods, i.e., no wheat, no sugar (fruit-sweetened), cholesterol-free, dairy-free, vegan baked goods. Where many bakers offer some of these choices, we make sure there is no loss of flavor or sensual enjoyment just because some of the traditional elements may be replaced. If you take something out, you have to replace it with more flavor, texture, aroma, appealing nevertheless to the senses. Who wants to eat something healthy if it gives no pleasure in the process? And also some gluten-free products are often on hand.

Our wedding cakes are truly unique creations made, no, designed for the brides who request our services. Each of these cakes has been unlike any other.


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The Alternative Baker (lemoncakes.com) is a traditional storefront bakery located in the town of Rosendale, in Ulster County, in the heart of the Hudson Valley in upstate New York. We specialize in lemon cakes (and lemon bundt cakes), which are widely renowned, as are all of our handmade traditional and alternative baked goods.
We also bake wedding cakes.